Cloudinary picture quality is so low

Cloudinary picture quality is so low and since my app is about posting pictures a lot I would like to have best quality like Instagram picture quality is there any setting for cloudinary I should do or any alternative? Thanks

Change this


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I set to automatic best quality or should I change to 80

The best quality and highest resolution image at 100.

The default is 80 - is the common quality value is considered to be sufficient for web. Let’s just say - this is the best for the web quality / file size

There is no 100 it’s 80 , 90 and top option is 90 for jpeg

So, you can choose only what is offered. If the image quality of Cloudinary you are not happy, then you need to find the image hosting, which allows you to store files with best quality.

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Could you help me implement an api for image hosting ? That would be great

Unfortunately, I do not know a hosting service that provides the ability to store images in a good quality. It is better to check with the designers, who constantly have to deal with images.

No I already know the site I just need help putting their webapi in my app

It is necessary to see how easy it is API

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Can I pm you and show you?


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