It takes a long time to upload or retrieve images from Cloudinary

I am uploading images to Cloudinary so I can then save the link to those in my airtable. The upload has a very long lag. So long that I had to add a mesage on my screen telling the user or else they could think the screen was unresponsive. Is this normal? Or is there a way to fix that?

Here is my code for getting the picture and uploading it into Cloudinary:

Can you use the image transformation service to decrease the size/quality of the photo so it can transmit quicker?

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yeah actually it take long time to upload to cloud,
but you can modify the url in Airtable with this formula to scale down the photo CONCATENATE({LEFT(url,49)},“c_scale,w_1024”,{RIGHT(url,37)})
the idea is scale the photo with new url
from url
to url,w_1024/v1587448993/zlz4jj2k0qhtiz4q7jnp.jpg

don’t need to you any service :slight_smile:


nice fix!

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How do I reduce the size of the image before uploading it into Cloudinary? Can you show me code?

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This I would like to know too. My iPhone 11 default camera quality takes pictures with a high file size. They take up to 10. Usually around 4-6 Seconds to send to cloudinary

I save the media url to airtable for fast recall

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I just implemented this in my public airtable example. it’s great. the uploading of photos is slow. but getting them back is a breeze!

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haha good to know,
it load faster and you can scale any size you want, just edit the url

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yes! awesome trick! thank you!!