Compress İmage and change Quality

New update is good for me.Now user can select own profile photo and view it as button background image.Now ı can upload selected photo.But user photo is too big for mobile app.

I tryed and uploaded photo from my gallery
İmage size is :2.51MB
And Resolution :2160x3840

Its not good for mobile app.How can ı compress and change image size (e.g. 250x250) without using cloudinary transform future.

I want compress image without loss and change size to 250x250 or somethink like this for lower image size.

Can you guys add support for compress&optmize image

There is too many online tools like this

We need local optimizer for this jobs


Thanks for this feedback – we’ll look into this.



@albert, do you know when this will be released (or if it will be released) that thunkable has a compress functionality directly as a block. My pictures from iPhone are almost 10mb big and it takes a lot of time to upload it to cloudinary.