Slow download from cloudinary

I have uploaded pictures to cloudinary using my iphone camera.
When trying to display these pictures in my project it takes quite a while for it to show on my phone in the thunkable live app.
The blocks I have written ask the app to look into a google sheet for the cloudinary URL and return the image at that URL.
Is the slow speed due to the size of the photo? The quality? Is there a way I can reduce the quality in an attempt to reduce file size and therefore download speed?

Please post a screenshot of your blocks.

Yes, you can reduce quality and therefore speed up the download process from Cloudinary.

There are lots of ways to adjust image settings using different urls. See this for an example: Resize an image | Cloudinary Cookbook

Sure. Here is how they upload the photo;

I have created buttons that when clicked either set "big pic button2"s background picture to a photo from library or camera depending on which button they click.

Then this is the code that downloads that photo. However, bear in mind that I could not fit it all onto this screenshot. Further down the code says “set big pic button1’s background picture to - get value from google sheet in column titled pic1”. But it is all in this if-do block;

I’ll have a look at that link you sent and see if I can speed it up at all. I don’t need top quality photos for it I don’t think so if I can reduce the size and have it good enough while speeding up download time that would be great.

The when save button click event should be slow. Saving to Cloudinary can take up to 15 seconds in my experience.

The when screen opens event should be much faster. How long does it take to display all of the images from the time the screen first opens?

Try reducing the quality of those images by modifying the Cloudinary urls, as I suggested, and see if that helps.

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