Cloud variables

I’m trying to build a simple noteTaker with a cloud variable. The blocks are in the attached picture

When the Screen.Starts, cloud noteTakerShared is null (the green null) as I would expect and my label shows “null null”. This is good. But event though I set the cloud variable to an empty list, the variable doesn’t get set that way. When the user clicks the button, the value of cloud noteTakerShared is null again, “null” is put in the label, and the item is not inserted (the ListViewer remains blank)

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Hey ! I would suggest the following :

Create two variables, one app variable and one cloud.

The cloud variable contains a text separated by a delimiter, and the app variable is set to make list from text cloud variable. That way, you will have no problem with the null result and even less problem while saving your lists, because for now I couldn’t manage to save lists in themselves inside whatever variable sadly :confused:

Hope it helps :blush:

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Hi and thanks. My main goal is to let the Thunkable team know about the issues. I’m writing a book and trying to make examples for when things are fixed.

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idk if this helps but what I wanted to do today was to add user data to a cloud variable “UserInfo” but if I used the block “set cloud UserInfo” to “create object with …X… fields”, the result was the replacement of the previously uploaded UserInfo. So what I did is in the blocks below.

I hope it helps to someone

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Did you use Airtable?

Nope, RealtimeDB.

Is this all blocks? My blocks doesnt work.

The blcoks on the left are for the user data input, and on top of them the cloud variable. Also idk if you have already set up your firebase account (