Closing tab issue

Hi people i have problem i been testing using an old Samsung prime android version 7 and everything seems find but when i test on those new phone 2 tabs close immediately. The only blocks on those pages are in the pic now i don’t have new phone to test delete all blocks what could be the issue?

What do you mean by “tabs”? Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

i should said screen instead of tabs

ok button click in screen call research to navigate to screen FAQ BUT the app closes.
the screenshot above is of the FQA screen that never opens

it works on my phone and on the windows preview but not on newer phones

Hi, Please also show the code of the screen which should navigate to the FAQ screen (which is not opening). Thanks!

i should also ad that it’s in a stack navigator in a bottom navigator moving to the screen in the same stack.
i am working on it i think that is the problem going to move screens out of that stack
i am using snap to place

This not a new app was working all year till i update the airtale to oauth then everything went to crazy it is frustrating because it is working on some phone and some not so it is hard to isolate what really is the issue.

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okay turns out my issue was the code in ad banner

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