[Closed] Would you like to beta test the new Data Viewer component?

@jane will thunkable new update will have list view search filter? pls i need it so muchhhh :’(

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Are you looking for a link to the project @mdmokseda940hhk?

There is a brand new list viewer coming out soon. This doesn’t tell us anything but from what I’ve read in the feature requests, a featured called Extended List view contained images and buttons and much more. nothing to be said about searching although there is a simple solution to that here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


thankyou :smiley: , but hve they told us when they will release the new listview?

Keep an eye out in Release Notes please. There is no deadline for any components to be released, and I doubt there ever will be. The Extended List View has been in the release notes for a while now, so the wait shouldn’t be much longer. I can’t give times on this because I am not staff or associated with them in any way, but what I do know is that it is in the works. :slight_smile:

good things come to those who wait


Even if the Extended Listviewer doesn’t release til now.We believe that its’ properties stronger,and many options we could sample in the future.


thankyou so much!

yeah i cant wait for dat! :smiley:

OK am back now after been out for over 6 months and still hoping to have the listview update released soon, including the screen orientation.

You can do a diy fancy list viewer.

You can also manually set orientation

  1. How does the fancy list viewer work especially if you want images to scroll left to right and also if you want images from spreadsheet to appear beside a text

  2. How do you set the screen orientation to only landscape fixed?

Check out these posts @sysads

Side swipe (I haven’t read into this)

Fancy list viewer with or without pictures (My one example is included there

In the properties of the row, where you see the drop down with the word perspective, click that. Then select rotation and is set that to 1.5708

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Hi @actech!
How is generated the source of the data in this sample?
Thank you!


To create data in JSON format, use the JSON editor https://jsonformatter.org/json-editor. In simple cases, you can use Excel and then convert it to JSON format - http://beautifytools.com/excel-to-json-converter.php

Thank you.
I just don’t see how or where it is integrated :frowning:


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Thank you.
I have no idea why but on my remixed app there was no information on the blocks screen. This is why was so unclear.
Thank you again, for details!
Have a nice day!

Perhaps the blocks are located outside the visible area of the editor and you need to click the center button to display them - then the blocks will appear.

Yes, indeed.
I have zoomed the screen after your last post and I have find out all the info. :slight_smile:
Thank you!