Clone Label Text

Using the blocks in the following images, I create a list.
Currently clicking on any label of the grid that is created, in the label at the top, the text of the selected label appears.
On the other hand, I would like to insert only the text present in the Objet column (second column) in the label at the top by clicking on any label. What can I do?


I would recommend using a custom Data Viewer List for this. You can then use the green index block for the row number of your data source and get whichever column value you need when the user clicks.

Can you give an example of what should happen when the user clicks? For example, if I click on Charlie, should I see cccc displayed? Or something else?


if I click on a label in the “Name” column or on a label in the “Team” column, the Objet column data must appear in the label at the top, as per the attached image

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Got it. So I would then use a Data Viewer List. It should be much easier than cloning all of those components and trying to keep track of what was clicked and what to update.

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