Clock with chime (3 different songs)

This is a clock project with 3 different songs that play once every hour,half hour, quarter hour. This clock has 3 different songs and have 3 versions.

(Did you know? The sound this clock project used is from the melodies of SSS sound system clocks made by Rhythm use for their SSS clocks. It had 18 melodies, 6 popular,6 country and 6 christmas. From each selection the best song was used in the app.)

Song 1: Tennessee waltz
Song 2: Jambalaya
Song 3: Feliz navidad

Those songs in the app have to be selected when the app starts otherwise the chime won’t work.

Before using it, it is recommended that you use this tool to check that the chime is compatible with your device. All songs must play properly to indicate that it is compatible with your device.

After you clicked the tool and you are sure that it is compatible with your device, you can choose one of these versions.

Clock with chimes: chime every 15 minutes (15 mark,30 mark,45 mark,hour)

Clock with chimes: chime every 30 minutes (30 mark,hour)

Clock with chimes: chime every hour

If you have any questions please post them below. Have fun.

These are great - thanks for sharing @zbk0612eip8w!

Just a couple of quick suggestions.

First, the time (for me at least?) is displayed as


rather than 15:34. Are you using the newline block in this label?

Also, if you update your app icon that will show up as the icon in the project preview too.

Finally, since you already have 3 different versions of this, have you considered making something like a settings page where the user could choose their preferred chime and the frequency of the chime?

I am trying to make this, but in another post regarding another version i tried to make did not work as intended