New forestclock - Newer version of SSS clock

After making the SSS clock and it had a issue, I have fixed it already. The method about fixing it is what was made this clock. It had everything same as the clock before, but it plays diffrent songs.

Every 15 minutes, the clock play a forest sound effect plus one of these melodies:

1 Make a wish
2 Starry eyes
3 Merry go round
4 Twilight fantasy
5 blooming
6 Rainbow promenade

However, everything except the chimes stays the same. Here is the link to app:

Want to create your own version? Use this link

(The share link will expire at 1:59 PM Aug 20, 2020. I will give a new link after that time.)

What exactly is the purpose of your app? To me personally, the sounds are rather annoying than relaxing but I don’t know what the app is about so maybe you can tell us more?

Best, Chris

It chimes every 15 minutes but this is the best i can do