Clicking on the "Data Sources" tab causes white screen

That’d be great. Thanks Domhnall.

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Im having the same problem here with this blank/white screen when trying to get in that data sources tab. This new Data viewer List would save my project, really want to make this work out. When you find a solution please share with me.

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How can I get rid of a corrupt data file? I get the white screen when trying to go to the My Data Sources tab, so I can’t fix anything from there.

Hi @sr3, @uliana.bruno & @eoinparkinson. If your issue is the same as the one we identified for @jonathanvalgarlh4ow, we should be able to fix it for you. We just need to remove the corrupted data sources from your account. Do we have permission to do so?

We also have a fix for this which should be coming out shortly. It will notifiy you that your data source(s) are corrupt and allow you to delete them yourself. Sorry for the inconvenience!


That would be great. My account email is different to my community email. Could I send it to you privately?


Yes, you (and anyone else tagged in my previous post) can send the email address to me in a private message.


Not sure how to send a personal message

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I appear to have hit a problem with data source and google sheets, I’ve seen in a chat it could be a corrupted file? Can you assist please?



Hi George,

What exactly is the issue you are experiencing? I will be happy to assist you once I have an idea as to what is going on. Feel free to message me directly so I can take a look at your project(s) and/or account.


Hi Steven, thanks for getting back to me.

So I started making an app with a local data source to start with, for testing, and everything was working great.

Then two things, and I’m not sure which triggered the lock in now in… But first I added a block to edit a cell in the data… I noticed that the changes implemented on my device but not in the original app, and wouldn’t reset on the device.

Then I thought I’d go to the next stage which was to change the data source from local to Google sheet… When I did this nothing comes up in the data source and now when I go to the block view I just get a white black page and can’t do anything.

The programme has become unusable…

Does this make any sense to you?

Sorry I’m a newbie. But have been loving it so far.

Hey Steven,

I sent you a direct message because I’m having the same problem as the other people on this thread… it sound like your the guy who helps solve this problem :slight_smile: any chance you can help me get my curropt data source fixed ?

I am having same problem with my list viewer when the list is empty or I delete an entry in my database through the app it gives me a blank white screen and crashes.

hi ,Im also having white screen with working with a google sheet source. I am very sure the source is valid as it was working yesterday and I didnt make any changes to it

Hi, if you are experiencing this issue and have not yet messaged me directly, please do so. I’ll need the email address associated with your Thunkable account included in the message to investigate the issue.

that happen to me when my blocks was wrong

I am also experiencing the same white screen when I am trying to link airtable datasource to datalistviewer viewer . Would you be able to help to clear this issue?

Hey @sneha.teresajmxrb, welcome to the community! :wave:

Can you take a look at this post and leave a reply there too please?

Hi Steven, I am facing the same issue where I am not able to connect Google Sheets data source to Thunkable. I have removed authentication and re-authorized. But still I am not able to connect.

I also tried to send you DM but it is not allowing me to do so. How can this be sorted please?


Can you please explain what is going wrong? At what point in the process are you running into trouble? I’ll see if there is anything we can do to help once I have more information,


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