Clicking on the "Data Sources" tab causes white screen

Does anybody else get a white screen when clicking the Data Sources tab on homepage?

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When clicking on My Data Sources, it starts to load then goes to a blank white browser screen. Same thing happened when I clicked on my selected Google Sheet under Data Table > Data Source in the right hand column of the app editor.


Testing this on my other account which wasn’t apart of the beta test doesn’t show a white screen. Is this beta test specific? All my data sources are duplicated between projects.

Are you using a different browser? I was wondering if it’s a Google Chrome problem?

Yes, i had the same problem. I contacted the staff and they solved this problem. I guess that It happened because i had corrupt data source files from the beta testing.

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Both accounts were through Google Chrome.

Thanks for this. I had a suspicion this could have been the issue.

I have this problem and was never part of the beta test. What should I do?

@sr3 It might just be a corrupt data file Shane?

Do you remember who fixed this for you @jonathanvalgarlh4ow?

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Thanks @jonathanvalgarlh4ow.

Ok @eoinparkinson and @sr3 I’m going to log this internally since I obviously don’t want to post and of your PII on Github.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Hope this is ok?

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That’d be great. Thanks Domhnall.

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Im having the same problem here with this blank/white screen when trying to get in that data sources tab. This new Data viewer List would save my project, really want to make this work out. When you find a solution please share with me.

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How can I get rid of a corrupt data file? I get the white screen when trying to go to the My Data Sources tab, so I can’t fix anything from there.

Hi @sr3, @uliana.bruno & @eoinparkinson. If your issue is the same as the one we identified for @jonathanvalgarlh4ow, we should be able to fix it for you. We just need to remove the corrupted data sources from your account. Do we have permission to do so?

We also have a fix for this which should be coming out shortly. It will notifiy you that your data source(s) are corrupt and allow you to delete them yourself. Sorry for the inconvenience!


That would be great. My account email is different to my community email. Could I send it to you privately?


Yes, you (and anyone else tagged in my previous post) can send the email address to me in a private message.


Not sure how to send a personal message

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I appear to have hit a problem with data source and google sheets, I’ve seen in a chat it could be a corrupted file? Can you assist please?