Classic to x platform

i have 3 app in thunkable classic.but i know from july i can not edit my project in classic.those app is very important for me.those of 3 project 2 are in playstore.
those two app has huge number of coading,like per screen it is too much difficult to rebuild.tell me the solution

i have 3 important project in can i update those app after is too much difficult to reconstruct in cross someting for user of this platform.request

Hi @Sandi_Chak

CAn you

Can you send me the link to these 3 projects in the Play store please?

Happy to help you rebuild and update your projects in X.



other is not in playstore

Thanks @Sandi_Chak - these should be pretty easy to recreate in Thunkable X.

Are you happy enough just to proceed with those 2 so?

Why isn’t the third one in the Play Store?

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Yes sir I will be happy if those 2 recreate in x platform.

Other one is offline billing app for a particular shop.thats why 3rd one is not in playstore.

Thanking you

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is there any problem to proceed my project in x platform,pls sir assist me as soon as possible ,it is my humble request to

sir plz tell me how can i build these apps in x platform

You can build them by learning how Thunkable X works. Read the documentation, follow the tutorials, check youtube for videos etc.

Once you have learnt to use Thunkable X you can start building your apps. If you run into trouble you can search the forum for a solution and if it doesn’t exist then you can create a topic asking for help and showing us what you have tried so far.

i have few project in is not possible to rebuild in x can i transfer my classic project to x

You cannot transfer them from Thunkable Classic to Thunkable X. They are totally different platforms.

So you have to remake the apps on Thunkable X. There is no way around this and no one anywhere can do it.

thank you sir.but it is impossible to rebuild my app,there somany coading,18000.bad luck for me.

Well ok then.

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Sorry, @Sandi_Chak, you may be able to trciece some support from the community or potentially admins to complete this task but it must be done manually by reprogramming. The languages the blocks use are completely different. Java vs React Native.

Also, iOS doesn’t allow the same stuff as android and not all things are cross compatible.

Your best bet to keep developing the way you are would be to move your apps to AI2 or learn Thunkable X.

Alternatively, learn actual ReactNative or Flutter to write cross platform apps.