Chat AI & Image Generator (aka Synthi)

I haven’t published it yet. It’s still just a personal project at this point. But I’m pretty excited that I’ve added these features:

  1. Save a conversation (prompt + response + prompt + response, etc.) and restore it any time later.
  2. Generate random reasonable starting questions to be used as prompts – just like Bing Chat does.
  3. Generate specific and relevant suggested follow-up questions to be used as prompts – just like Bing Chat does.

Initially, I didn’t want to publish something using my own API key where I’d be paying for everyone else’s usage. But then I realized that I can have users enter their own API key. So I’ve modified it to do that. But I’m still hesitant to publish it without a lot of testing.

Even though the image generation is super fun, I’m contemplating leaving it out because there are much better tools and apps for that. I do think my app has some advantages over something like the official ChatGPT app though.

Those are quite the accomplishment! My next step is to add clickable icons to change aspect ratio before generation. Save a conversation is also on the list as well. I am leaving that for last as I know it will be very complicated. I totally agree about the publishing, my plan is to put it out on the app/play store monetize it and add a paid subscription. There is also a placed to license source codes and sell your templates so all that hard work and energy does not go to waste.

What I’m stuck on at the moment is getting a button created in a layout to mimic the create button on screen. Fun times lol.

Great demo! You’ve done a great job. I also thought of building one but never found the time to start the project. For better-generated quality and speed, you can use GPT4; you have to wait for API.

I am also using a newly built AI called Special Character Chat, and it’s based on GPT4, and it’s doing impressive stuff if you know to give it the right prompts. The tip is to be detailed in prompts.


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