Paid AI Chat App Template with fully Customisable Components


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I’m offering a Paid AI Chat App Template with fully customizable components. The Chat UI is based on layouts (not custom the Data Viewer List), making customization hassle-free!

Themes, fonts, and icons are also customizable to suit your preferences.
The chatbot’s responses are generated based on previous interactions, enhancing its conversational ability.

Additional features such as ChatBot training and AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) are available for an extra fee. The TTS feature allows for stoppable and resumable sound playback.

This template is ideal for beginners looking to develop an AI Chat or a simple Chat App.

Message me for more screenshots, pricing, negotiations, and further details.

For personal experience, you can try AI ChatBot in my App…


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WOW, this is amazing! :heart_eyes: Also, does it work for the default builder and not the drag-and-drop interface? This ChatGPT part is just a small component of my main project, which is for a federal university with 128 thousand students. Getting approval from the university was easy because my dad is a professor there. So, I am 90% done with it, using all the remaining free time I have before this month ends, because on April 23 this year, I will be starting Law school, and it’s a 10-month program with exams that aren’t easy. Therefore, full concentration is needed. I know a senior colleague who failed the Bar exams because he was trying to launch a business as well instead of fully focusing on Law school. I can’t make such a mistake because law school fees are very expensive, almost a million here. Plus, if you fail once, you can’t achieve first class honours. So, once I am done and out, I will then fully focus on the already completed project, making it easy to launch. I have already planned everything. Once it’s ready, I will pay for the highest bundle here on Thunkable. I read in their pricing that they will provide a dedicated manager who will handle everything, debug errors, ensure everything works out before launch, and help ensure it launches, which costs about $500 or $563, which is very good. So, I am happy something like that exists. Yesterday, I also saw a banner here that there are freelancers available, handpicked by Thunkable, so I was also happy and maybe thinking I will just then get a freelancer and pay for only the business version so that I can remove the logo branding. The freelancer will help me debug everything and assist me in launching the app both in the app store and Play Store. Then, I saw your work, and I like how professional it looks, so I have considered you as the freelancer I will hire. I will pay you $500 when I am ready to launch. However, I want to ensure you understand what you are going to do and accept my terms and conditions. You will be adding a few new features for me like search, helping me with debugging, making the category section work properly, the comment section, and some others, and making it look more professional because it’s for a university. Also, adding a payment section where they can pay to feature their listing at the top and adding multiple image uploads instead of just a single one. If you understand, then we can do business together. I will be ready next year in July. Time flies; before you know it, we’ll be in July next year. Here are the pictures of my project above. It’s a big project, so you should know.

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I also Like to receive the rates via jack(at)technogiq(dot)com

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Actually, I’m very busy right now, so Understand

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