Chat AI & Image Generator (aka Synthi)

Update: added negative prompt (see superhero image in first post above)

Negative prompts are an important aspect of creating more accurate AI-generated images. See this for a brief example of negative prompts: Guide to negative prompts in Stable Diffusion

In case you’re curious, here are the prompts I used to generate the superhero image…

Prompt: Marvel superhero sitting at a desk in an office, coffee mug, laptop, digital art in the style of Todd McFarlane, trending on artstation, comic book, highly detailed, brightly colored, full body

Negative prompt: Text, writing, weird hands, weird face, weird feet, distorted, fuzzy, blurry, disjointed, mini figures, out of frame, messy, cluttered

Update #2: Added a DEMO button for people who are new to AI image generation. See example in first post, above.

In case you’re curious, here are the prompts I used to generate the DEMO image:

Prompt: scenic photo of a two lane slightly curvy road through redwoods, avenue of the giants, with dappled sunlight In the style of a high resolution photograph, slight crepuscular rays

Negative prompt: drawing, digital art, blurry, distorted, unclear, ugly

Fun fact: I ran my first marathon a few years ago in my 40s at the Avenue of the Giants which is what the prompt is describing. The road I ran on looks almost identical to the image that was generated.