Changing sections without changing screens

In my app I’m adding a price calculator where the user will first input a price, then input a target date, which at the end will give them a price per month.

I’m new to app building but I know in web development I’d build the 2 inputs and the output as sections within in a container. Then design the screen so that only the relevant sections shows the screen itself is actually static. The reason for having them all in a container is for the javascript.

I’m wondering

  1. Is it possible to build this same way in Thunkable (keeping the screen static but only the viewable section changes)
  2. Is it necessary to build it this way? Again I’m a beginner but I’m presuming blocks would do the work of javascript making the need for a container redundant.
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@jamalssl8u You Can use Rows and columns(in legacy ui ) and groups(in DnD Ui)
And show or hide the rows. I Hope This solves the issue


You can definitely create dynamic content on a single screen using variables or data sources to swap out content. As for showing/hiding actual components, that’s also possible but the Design screen can get a bit cluttered if you are trying to do something complicated.

Using the older snap-to-place interface, you can hide or show rows or colums that contain nested components. You can also clone/create components when needed.