Change splashscreen



Hi, i’m a really-really newbie in here.

I just use web viewer for my IOS app, but how to create or change splash screen? Mine is showing thunkable maskot/logo. Please help.



Hi there. Unfortunately there’s no way to change it at the moment but we are planning to add the option in the future.

Albert @ Thunkable


Hi Albert, Is the reason political (i.e. Apple makes you put your company name on the splash screens for your account) or is it technical (it just hasn’t been built in yet)?

I’m building an app on Thunkable IOS and was planning on publishing it onto the app store. No disrespect, but i can’t do that now knowing that it will have Thunkable logo pasted on the front of it. I’ll definitely have to wait for this option before i can publish my Thunkable app. Is there any idea on time?

Thanks again for all your efforts to produce such a cool platform :smile:


can you please specify, future time (ex. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc.)

Because all developer is needed this facility & Every application need its own splash screen.

This is my 1st post, if am questioning anything wrong forgive me.


Hi there.

Thanks for following up here. We don’t yet have a specific timeline since we have a number of other things in the queue but we are also worried about supporting a branding launch screen since it is explicitly not recommended by Apple in their human interface guidelines:



Hi Albert,

The message I got from reading the link you posted is that “Every app must supply a launch screen.”. It would seem there was consideration for the apps built with thunkable to ‘have’ a launch screen.

On the grounds of this, could it not be considered a higher priority?

I love thunkable very much but I can not be a thunkable reseller. If I am to make my own name in terms of the skill used to create from blank pages on thunkable, I think it is massively important that this feature be included in the near future.



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback. You can create your own branding screen with a Timer so hopefully that works for you for now. The Launch Screen currently is the quick second or less that our Thunkable beaver shows up in the app but it’s largely not noticeable.

Customizing that screen is something we can do in the future –


Hi Albert,

Can you please elaborate on how to make our own launch screen with a timer?

I am getting ready for launching my app on the App Store (hopefully) - but I need a solution for making a launch screen or at least a splash screen.



Upvote on this. We have professional users who are turned off by a cartoon beaver which is really off-brand for our app audience.