Canvas save as - saved image has the triple of pixel size


I’m trying to develop an app that has to manage images pixel by pixel.

more or less:

button to pick an image from the gallery
load the selected image in the canvas (background image)
change some pixel color
and save the canvas as .png file

The problem is: for istance, if the size of canvas is 200x150pixel, the result saved image has size 600x450pixel … triple of pixel size (!!!)

Did you fuond this problem before? Do you know why and how to solve my problem?

There is a way to save as without modify the size of image? There is another way to save the canvas?

Problem is: if I want to load again the saved image in the canvas, it isn’t the same that I worked in the canvas before!!!

Many thanks to help me


That’s because of the device density and your phone’s density is 3.


Thanks Boban, but if I want the same pixel size in the saved image?

Does anyone know another way to save the canvas?

many thanks