Canvas hitbox problem

Hi there,
I gotta to make a game called “Ball”,which a simple game controlling the ball to move to shoot these basic action.
Yesterday,I have been tried to use Ready Maker to do what I expected,but that is quite difficult to use.Therefore,I turn back to use Thunkable.

There is a problem that can be fixed or not?
I tried to make if the player ball is collides on the enemy ball,the health bar will substract to 5.
BUT,the hitbox is having extra area,due to the player ball collides on the air causes health bar do it’s substation.


Show the image of the balls.

I straightforward send the project link to you then.

You thought it up well. I will see the project.

In Live on iOS 12.4 and Android 8.1 everything works fine for me. The health indicator decreases only when the balls collide accurately


But I see a problem in Bluestackes. Try to display the coordinates of the ball of the player and the enemy. Perhaps the player’s step exceeds the distance to the enemy and it turns out that the collision occurred and the ball bounced back, but you do not see the collision itself. That is, the distance to the opponent’s ball is much less than the step of moving the player’s ball.

I’m sorry,I do not understand.

The distance between the balls is 10px, and the pitch of the player’s step is 20px

so what solution you have thought :thinking:

Did you display the coordinates of the balls on the screen for verification?

what do you mean to display their coordinates

The balls have X coordinates. Display them on the screen in Label

above one : player’s x coord
bottom one : enemy’s x coord

Now collide the balls and look at the coordinates.

umm…I’m not understand after I did.I give you to see then.

Do your balls bounce at what coordinates? What is the step of moving the player’s ball? What size balls? You have all these parameters. Make an equation and see. Under what condition do the balls collide? When their bounding rectangles intersect with each other. Do you understand this?