Canva error (white)

I use the program to open the screen, and then a white canvas appears, which cannot be resolved (I have used the canvas label)

Hi there,

What are you supposed to see when this screen opens?

Like this!
And I test No label, I found out!
I guess itโ€™s a label problem!
I hope you will solve it!

Spirit has a problem, too!

Hi there,

I still donโ€™t understand what youโ€™re supposed to see when the Screen opens. Is there a single Canvas Label on this canvas? Is there something else as well?

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If you add a tag or a soul on the canvas, the canvas will always display a white screen when opened with the program๏ผ But if you open this screen manually when you open the app, it can appear normally (2.5 seconds) [Use the bottom navigation]