Cant make simple cloud variable example work. any help would be appreciated

can anyone help me.

I am trying to learn to use these variables. I tried to do a basic math operation but am getting ‘null’. [edit] even with no math operation, i still get the null response, such as in the example below [/edit]
I am wondering if I may recieve some guidance from the community on what I am doing wrong here.

if cloud variable is null, set to = 1
on button click, set label to = cloud variable

What is the math operation you’re doing that returns null?

i was trying to do a percentage. then tried addition. i still cant figure it out. i feel like im banging my head into the wall because i cant find the door but it’s right in front of me and i just cant see it

I suspect you had more complicated blocks than this so you may need to post a screenshot or a link to your project but here’s a really simple example that works:

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 7.26.59 PM