Variable returning null

Hi i am declaring a variable and truing to initialize alphanumeric value.
But the variable is returning null.
for example: 576533f2-2ebe-4112-aa7f-4c8441b1157d
How to avoid this.
Thank You

Hi @sriharinathtl, welcome to Thunkable!

Please post a screenshot of your blocks.


You need to post a screenshot of the initialize block. Also, which variable in the screenshot are you having the problem with?

this is the thing i am fetching from the realtime data base. it accepts upto a certain value about 10 positions i think. further it is returning null.

If you’re using firebase, just use a cloud variable block instead of the realtime db block.

Try [set Label7’s Text to cloud variable stored variable college/stored variable branch/principal]. That worked for me using your alphanumeric string in my firebase console.

thanks for reply

I have tried but its not working.
Can you elaborate the solution

See this: Replace GET or SAVE Blocks with cloud variables

If you want to post a link to your project, I’ll see what I can figure out.

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Thank you so much
It helped me