Can't install app by downloading from Thunkable email link

I haven’t seen anything about this recently on the forums. When I click the Download button, it generates an email message from Thunkable Support after about an hour. I click on the CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD button and then the Download button on the next screen but nothing else happens.

The instructions in the email message say to go to Settings–>General–>Device Management but on my iPhone 11 running iOS 13.6, there is no entry for Device Management in General. Do I need to install a profile? How can I get this to work?

I had to erase and restore my iPhone and for whatever reason, that fixed this problem. Yay!

And… now it’s back. I click the Download button and it changes from light blue to dark blue but nothing else happens.

Anyone else having problems installing downloaded iOS apps?

I tried this in Chrome and Safari.

I can not ask people that want to use my Thunkable app on their iPhone to “erase and restore” their iPhone. That solution is not practical. I am using IOS 12.5.4 on my iPad and it is not showing “Device Management”. My wife’s iPhone is also using IOS 14.7.1, and it also is not showing “Device Management”. The Thunkable instructions being sent to my email address when I download my app instructs me to go to “Device Management” and Trust the Thunkable Website. Since “Device Management” option is not showing under Settings-> General, it is not possible to install my custom Thunkable app on my wife’s iPhone, and she definitely is not interested in erasing her iPhone and resetting it. Do you have instructions for installing Thunkable apps on current versions of IOS that do not have “Device Settings” under Settings → General. Your help with this question would really be appreciated. Thanks

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If your phone is part of an organisation managed program then you will see the Device Management option. The other method is to install a profile or an app that is not in App Store which will automatically activate the Device Management option. You can enroll in to activate it.

See the instructions

I’m not suggesting you erase your iPhone. I just shared back in January that coincidentally, that fixed this issue for me.

I would defer to Thunkable staff because I don’t know much about this issue. Sorry to hear you’re having problems with it.

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