Can't find Device Management - iOS Downloading file

Hi everybody,
i read already all the topics in the community but couldn’t find a proper answer.
Apple asked me to make a tutorial video (screen video) on how my app works.
Unfortunatly thay have asked for a proper device, not a simulator.

I dont have iOS so i asked few friends to install the app from the link that Thunkable provides when asked to download.

All of them couldn’t find the “Device Management” button, their iphone version is the latest one.

I also ask one of them to download Thunkable on his device, nonethelss still can’t find the button.

Anyone has faced a same issue?

My advice would be to test using TestFlight. It’s set up for exactly that purpose. That being said, your app does have to be approved for TestFlight but I have a suspicion that the criteria is much more relaxed than for the App Store itself.

For the download link – remember that only one user/device can access the downloaded app at a time – you do have to enable Device Management. In iOS 14 (and I think 13 but I can’t remember), it’s in Settings–>General–>Device Management. Device Management appears there right after VPN and right before Legal & Regulatory and Reset at the very bottom.

Then again, it may not appear if you don’t have a profile installed:


TestFlight is revising my app, but i’m not sure it will go through, that’s why i’d need to access to the raw file.

it doesn’t appear indeed.

As I said, I made my friend install Thunkable but still, it didn’t show up.

Still having trouble with this.