IOS 13.6 no longer usable for Thunkables?

“On your first time downloading apps for iOS, you will need to open your Settings app, navigate to General and Device Management and then Trust "Rappidly Inc" (the business name of Thunkable)”

Are the above instructions now outdated? No ‘Device Management’ feature that I can find anywhere in iOS 13.6. My device is my personal one, not belonging to any organization. I have checked three other iOS devices with 13.6, same issue.

Major bummer if Apple has made Thunkables no longer usable for those devices.

I cannot find anything online other than hack ware to allow 13.6 to allow trust. Any help is much appreciated.


I don’t have this problem. iOS 13.6.1 if it matters

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I had this problem and I – for other reasons – had to wipe and restore my entire iPhone. That solved it. I know that’s not comforting but at least it’s possible to use the Thunkable app with iOS 13.6


Any ideas why the option wasn’t showing up in the first place?

@alangonebackpacking8 sorry to hear about this - is this your first time installing (or trying to) a Thunkable app on iOS?

I also have 13.6.1. Do you have the Device Management setting? All three iOS devices that I looked at all have 13.6.1 and they are not showing that Device Management setting anywhere that I can find.
Thanks for your reply

Yes, first time in iOS. It installs fine in my Android device.