Can't find column in my components

I have searched for so many component in my add component page that existing users used, but i cant find it on my own account how can i unlock them

Are you using the new DnD or the old StP UI?

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Thanks for your Response. I am using the New DnD

how do I access the old User Interface

You should create a new project and check the Checkbox out:


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Thanks for this response, however does that mean i will have to start the project have created all over again?

how can i convert my project which have being created in the Drag and Drop to the old User Interface?

Hi @mopenergies532xf - there’s probably no need to switch to the legacy platform as all of the components are still there, but perhaps in a different place.

Which ones are you looking for and we can point you in the right direction.

The DnD docs live here for the time being, and instead of a column you could use a group

Let us know what else you are looking for.

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