Can't delete apps from project page

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How do I delete aborted apps?

what do you mean by aborted apps?

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Those too messy.
I came back after a year, some I don’t even know what I was doing anymore or they don’t interest me anymore. With the one I created today I wanted to try the drag and drops platform, but not being able to rename the uploaded images I thought it was better to use the normal one instead of learning all the new things, but it only opens drag and drops.
So I’ve created a new project out of it and I’m working with the old platform, and the drag and drops project I would happily throw away.
I chose the package with 50 private projects, but if I can’t cancel when I’m wrong (and I’m very wrong) it has a completely different value.

I understood by switching to the PC.
On the iPad the final icons overlap.

I have this problem, too. The only thing that fixes it is to zoom out of the browser tab (View–>Zoom Out in Chrome) a few times to get to 67% view.

I also just tried making the window the full width of my iMac screen at 100% Chrome Zoom and that fixed it, too.

@jane Glad I’m not the only one! :crazy_face:


yes, you cannot delete apps from project pages. it should be deleted on your all projects screeen. I think you forgot so much. :angel: since it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you.

The screenshot they posted is from the Projects page.