Cannot hide buttons and labels

I was using the drag and drop version but I switched to classic version. When I hit the “Terminar partida” button the buttons and labels has to be hidden (as in the second image) but in this version I use the same code but it does not work, the buttons and labels are all messed up and visible. (as in the first picture

Please help me.

Thank you very much

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You don’t need to duplicate posts

Yes, sir. I am completely aware but the thing is that I am a little bit desperate for a solution so I am looking for a staff member comment or a person who has been in the same situation, “I don’t know myself” is not helpful.

Have a nice day

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See this and take close notice to the date.

That doesn’t give you the right to spam.

I’ll go ahead and close this topic since it’s a duplicate and we don’t allow that. If you need help, be sure to provide more details/screenshots, etc. And even though you might be in a hurry to have a problem solved, most of us are users just like you, not paid staff. If you need to reach staff directly, use the chat bubble from your projects page or email support.

Also, @muneer was directly answering your question so in that case I think "I don’t know myself’ is an appropriate response although it’s not ultimately helpful in solving your issue.

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