Cannot get color chat to work

I keep changing the FireBase from the Color Chat sample project but still doesnt work. Can someone help me?

“It doesn’t work” is not enough information to help you. Provide screenshots and details about what you’ve tried and what specifically isn’t working.

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I basically copy it and then put my firebase but message does not send and after spamming the button there are a LOT of undefined and i already followed the normal database creation for a thunkable app so like i dont get it.

Go ahead try it see if you can even send a message:

One way to start debugging your blocks is to display messages along with a wait block like this, and then see where the “undefined” value occurs:

That will help narrow down the blocks you need to work on.

I dont think there is any errors in the code otherwise the original project just would not have work neither. Like in Color Chat the original one its fully fuctional its just says to connect your DATABASE and thats its so after debugging the code just feels weird. I have so much stuff to do i think i might (probably) close this but not yet do i will do research anyways.

Just found out i may be setting up the database wrong and i might have to setup more.

This is what i do to make a database firebase
Create Project
Enable realtime database
Add web app
so what im doing wrong?

That level of detail isn’t enough for me to help you. You can provide a link to your project or at least screenshots.


Right i deleted it because it was just wasting space on my FREE account sorry about that.

I discovered that when i enabled Anonymous Login the UNDEFINED messages appear but when i disabled it. It didnt work anymore so i am going to activate it again. Whoever im still not sure if that is blocking access the app because.

Well im trying to use the COLOR CHAT sample project:

But only 1 problem it just says to put your “own” firebase so i have resetted it. Still nothing so if you could find out how to connect the FIREBASE that would be awesome, for now the project will not be copied again until we find out how to get it working :slight_smile: understand the limits of a FREE Plan account thanks.

I will try this tutorial.

This tutorial worked. There is nothing wrong with the code make sure to use it if you are also having trouble.

Thanks to this guy replying to me

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