How to add a chat option to the app

Hey guys I am again facing a problem , infact two problems but for the second problem I will be creating a new topic so that there is no confusion created . So I was trying to make a chat app earlier as a trial so that I could use it in my main app . I found out that the chat app was working perfectly, so I added the same to my main app but it was not working could you please help to find out what the problem is !!

This is the link of my main App :

Can you please tell us what is not working?

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When u type and send a message in the last screen of my app it does not work

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  • I type and send a message in the last screen of my app it does not work
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Lakshya I am not understanding what is the problem pls specify

@Rishabh do you remember you had helped me withthe chat app it was just a trial so that I could you it in another app of mine . When I had added the chat option on the other app it wasn’t sending the text . I have sent the link of the app in the above comments.

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Okay But Don’t add phone no. I think so

I have wantedly added the phone number due to some reasons so just let it be there ! Guys have you found out the problem even I am trying to find it from my side but not able to find the problem

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Now also I think the same problem you’re facing which I have written in chat trial
wait i’m opening my laptop i’m just seeing it

see you have created 2 key of reatime db1 how it will work

see this 1st key

and see this 2nd key of variable how to it work
Create another realtime db and create and project in firebase of realtime db

I di not understand

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could you just send the edited code so that i can see and try to understand

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Ok boss
pls check

It’s working???