Can’t load forums

I may be the only person having this issue but… when I sign on to the forums on a phone (iOS), desktop or laptop (OS X) in Chrome or Firefox, I can’t see the full forum webpage:

I’ve tried a hard reset and logging out and back in to my forum account.

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And now it’s working fine again.


And here we go again. Can’t access the forums on any computers. Just able to use the Fig app to write this.

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Does anyone know of a Discourse client for Mac? Fig doesn’t seem to be supported and I can’t find another to use.

We’re all on Macs and can’t recall anyone having experienced this for prolonged periods (save for a minute or two while updates happen)

What browser are you using?

Are you seeing any specific errors in the console @tatiang?

I just forwarded a response from Discourse tech support about this to @domhnallohanlon. They fixed the problem, which was related to Themes, and said they would reach out to the owners of this site.

It wasn’t browser-specific or device-specific, as far as I understand.


Got it - thanks for triaging this!

Just saw your email there now - will follow up with Simon to get that theme working again properly!