Can I use Thunkable X on my Tablet?

thunkable Classic is working very well on tablet device, but thunkable x is not working properly on tablet. how can I use thunkable x on my tablet?

What version of Android on the tablet, and what does not work?

Plus, what tablet do you use?
iPad(s) or Galaxy?

Thanks! :blush:

Asus zenpad 380. On this tablet thunkable classic works very well. Android 8

Hi @dnyanraj.homkar22luz

Are you using the Thunkable website on your tablet or is the tablet for testing your apps on?


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Thanks @dnyanraj.homkar22luz - what browser are you using?

We’d recommend Chrome if at all possible?


Have you tried using it with any other browsers @dnyanraj.homkar22luz?

We typically recommend using a computer or laptop for using Thunkable X, but perhaps your tablet is able to connect to a mouse?


Is it a screen size issue? If using Chrome browser on tablet, you can press the 3 dots on the top right to show a drop down menu, then tick the box saying Desktop Site.

if sizing is not your issue, try connecting a mouse or keyboard.