Can I use my personal account's Merchant ID in my app?

Sorry for asking this question here,
Can I use my personal gmail account’s merchant id in my app? instead of using that developer account’s merchant id?

@Taifun Can You help me with this?

you might want to elaborate, what exactly you are talking about and what you are trying to do

I am publishing an app to a developer account of which I am not the owner, and I am using In-App Purchases in my app. So I want to put my own account’s merchant id in my app (Not the developer account owner’s id).
Will it work properly? I mean if someone buy in app purchase so the payment will be debited in my account or the developer console owner’s account?

yes you can
but if I were that developer, I would not want you to publish an app in my name, see also


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Thanks but actually we both publish apps to that account regularly and it’s my first time to put In-App Purchases in my app so that’s why I asked this :slight_smile: