Can I update thunkable created app in Android Studio?

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I am facing issue regarding version update on play store,
Few Years ago I have created app on Thunkable Classic, Now I want to update version of my app but Thunkable classic API doesn’t match Google play API requirements.
Kindly if there is any solution let me know
is it possible that I create app using android studio and update it
I have project .aia file and keystore file. But don’t know what to do with that.

Hi First name,

.aia projects are Android-only app projects.

Thunkable projects are compatible with Android, iOS, and web. .aia files cannot be imported into Thunkable X, because the project files are so different - Thunkable projects can do so much more!

We would love to help you rebuild your .aia projects in Thunkable. You can check out our YouTube tutorials to learn how to add certain features to your Thunkable app project. You can also consult our docs to learn about specific components.

If you have further questions about adding certain features to your Thunkable app, we are here to answer them!

We hope that you can successfully rebuild your app to be truly cross-platform with Thunkable.

Thanks for posting in our Community!

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Thanks for response. I am updating app using android studio… But I don’t know keystore password. Never created on thunkabale. Where to find that whats my keystore passworf ?