Download for further development in xCode

Hello, is it possible to download my Thunkable app as an .xcodeproj file so that I can edit it in xCode?

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It’s interesting for you to create an application on Thunkable X, and then edit it in Xcode! And for Android export to Android Strudio!

I can not wait to make a bridge to JavaScript from the native part, and you want in Xcode! :joy::joy::joy:

I’m wondering the same thing. This is the last question I have keeping me on the fence about upgrading. It looks like on Thunkable Classic you can download the .AIA file (to use in App Inventor) or the .APK file for “spot checking” in Android Studio.

All I see for Thunkable Cross Platform X is the ability to download the compiled app files themselves – .ARR for android and .IPA for iOS. It seems to me like this feature hasn’t been added yet.

It would be very useful to bring into Xcode or Android Studio. As a designer, I would find myself more useful working alongside a team of developers if I were able to front a lot of the development for projects using Thunkable. Then baton pass off to them for the finish line.