Can I set my own Ads without using AdMob?

I was just wondering:
Can I publish an app where, beside all the interesting stuff, in the bottom there’s a window similar to the AdMob one.
For example, I am using this Image component getting source from Airtable and i can swap the link.

The question is, can I show those images pretending it’s an ad or it’s against some policies?
If you click on the image it leads you into a shop, it works like AdMob but it’s self made.

Sorry if the question is strange.


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Not possible

Yes, you can but you have to charge advertisers outside of your app.

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What if they are my ads leading to my profile page for example or my telegram group?

I have published an app having a selfmade admob-like ad and it went through.
After few days i received a mail from Google Play Store saying that my ads were going against the policy.
Literally it was a banner redirecting to a Telegram’s group

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If Google have already told you it is against their policy then why ask here hoping to get a different answer? No one on this forum can override Google’s policies or force then to make an exception for you.

If you want 100% clarification on Google’s policies then ask Google.

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