Can i use other than ADMOB BANNER Ads?

It seems like Bannes are the only ads possible to implement in the APP
no “page ads” Or do i missunderstand something here… ?

Google itself does allow for native ads to be developed for AdMob but that is not something Thunkable supports.

Hi not sure i was clear
Admim has several different ad options of which one is the banners. However they have also full page size ads too…
I cannot find the corresponding thunkable component… only admob banner version…
Was i clearer now?

My apologies, I misunderstood. Our AdMob Interstitials and Rewarded Video Ads are accessed through blocks in drag and drop projects, they do not have a specific design component anymore. Is this what you were looking for?

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Hi there - Yes :smiley: I Totally missed that “option” before Sorry. All good now with this. Hop you saw my other questions related to Android Apps and the Maps in STRUL… in an earlier and related thread…

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