Can file picker component be used to upload selected file to Cloudinary?

Hi, I’m trying to use this code (pic below) to upload user’s selected file from File Picker component to my Cloudinary database (Media DB) -

When I select a .pdf file for example, I get an error from the MediaDB component saying “You need to select a valid media path”. The regn id text-input, which has the value of the file parameter says content:// as the address of the .pdf file I selected to test.

I’ve so far tested only in Thunkable Live Android, latest version. Am I doing something wrong here or the file picker component can’t be used with MediaDB? If latter, is there any better way other than custom-HTML web viewer approach? Please advice. Thanks!

You can use Cloudinary’s “Upload Widget” source to allow users to upload specific files to Cloudinary. Any type of file you can upload… Also, you have the option to limit the user to upload files ONLY from device or you can allow them to use External sources also

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Hi, thanks for replying! I too had found this method, in my original post at the end I mis-worded it to “custom HTML Webviewer approach”; I was trying to not do via upload widget, but that seems my only way now.

So ultimately I guess at the moment there’s no way to directly do this, hence I’ve started working on a custom upload widget as per my requirements :+1:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, i didnt read the end of your post. I guess the HTML upload widget in the web viewer would be the only other alternative then :smiley:

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