Can crowdfunding help prolong or maintain or take over Thunkable classic?

Just wonder. Is it possible to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help prolong or keep it running longer or take over the Thunkable classic? Thanks.

Hey @JadeDragonflyLee, not to discourage you from using ThunkableX, as it is probably the best out there, but AI2 by MIT may be just what you are looking for. It is more in line with Thunkable Classic.

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Thanks. I know how powerful ThunkableX is but not most of the developers or code learner like to work on both the Apple + Android platform especially the developers are from 3rd world or countries that Apple Apps Store is not the main choice. With the lack of Admod module, some people just can’t get some earning/rewards from their apps built with AI2. Thank you anyway.

I had the same question, I wanted to keep my app free but be able to let it grow and continue to be developed.