Can Assets File See Anyone?

Can You Tell Me That If Any One Download My Application Which Is Built By Thunakble, Then He could Able to See The Assets Folder Or All File Which I upload In Assets.
I want To The File Can Visible Or Not.

If the user downloads your apk-file, then, if desired, he can not only see the folder with the files, but also use them and even see the code of the classes.

@actech so there is any way to prevent it to see my assets files.

If you want, you can break everything, but this is not included in the topic of our conversation. You can code your files as you like, but the technician does not even need to look at your code. It will be enough for him to simply see your idea and say to another specialist - do it or better.

Serious companies are trying in every way to protect their products and copyright, but as you yourself can see in many cases, they fail.