Camera and Upload to Cloudinary - Photo Metadata and Cloudinary API

I have 2 requests around the Cloudinary upload:

  1. I have a challenge in that the Upload to Cloudinary does not seem to include the metadata from the camera as one would expect. eg: location, camera etc. Can this be upgraded?
  2. The upload to Cloudinary is limited and does not include various Cloudinary API properties. eg: a label for the photo, the destination folder etc. Can this be upgraded?

Thanks a mill.

Hi Thunkable
Any feedback on this?

Hey Tony i would try using the cloudinary API to retreive the metadata

The first challenge I have is that the Thunkable Camera Device is not creating the Metadata.
I can create the Metadata myself but then second challenge is that the Thunkable upload component does not implement the full Cloudinary API.
So I’m asking Thunkable to consider doing this in the component itself…
Also, it’s not a case of retrieving the Metadata I need to upload an image to Cloudinary with it’s metadata plus a label and target folder etc.
Do you have an example of Thunkable blocks that could achieve this in the interim?
The challenge here is uploading the image using blocks and not the component - I don’t how to do this or if it’s possible in a codeless environment…
One option may be to use the Thunkable component to upload the image and then use the API to update the Metadata?

I’m not sure how I would Thunkable blocks to do this?

I’m not familiar enough with those blocks to know if it is possible. For me whenever i run into a limitation of thunkable I generally write my own API to get what I need

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Thanks Zander
How would I upload the byte stream / file via an API in a codeless environment? I’m ok writing “normal” API’s eg: to read and write from the Backendless DB. I come from a C# background but this is a bit new to me. Do you have any examples you can point me to?

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Do I have any examples? No, but based on my limited experience with JavaScript, you would probably need to write a custom JS code to run client side inside a web viewer to upload the byte stream to the cloudinary API

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See this example using Cloudinary API to upload / delete an image.

Please note that this example depends on a third party API to create the signature required by Cloudinary.

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Thanks Muneer, I’ll check it out…

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