Call Web Viewer go home not Work

Help me please. I want to make Home button on first screen. When touch button screen back go to home screen. it’s work for me in Thunkable Classic but Thunkable Cross Platform don’t work.

Why not use the URL block to go to the home page when the button is clicked?

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Thunkable X doesnt work Webview.

This is not true - the Webviewer does work - please do not spread false information like this.

Hi @04a891dd79825bf03290,

As @Conor has already indicated, in Thunkable X the get URL property will actually function like a home button.

See more here:

Did you check my project?
You can try and see download from IOS app to your iphone. (Thunkable Live is working well!)

From Testflight or Download IOS APP for IPHONE after than you can check all screen’s webview are not working well, i mean white screen for all webview.

Just download this app and check. I sent, but seeing loading icon on Webview.