Creating a Web Viewer with 'Back' button



New to the X Platform. Trying to create a Web Viewer to load a site but I need a ‘Back’ button/ Previous Page button for ios and android. I can manage this is in the classic Thunkable but I am unsuccessful in the X Platform. Looking for tutorials but I cannot find any. Any assistance appreciated


Hi! Can you send me a simple that what do you want to?


I’m trying to achieve the same but I’m struggling with this issue.

I’d like to have a “home”, “back” and “previous” button but none of them works.
Home Button works only when I reach another website, so it changes the domain.

“Back” and “Forward” buttons just produce a white screen.

I’ve followed the only post that looks like to have a solutions to this requested issue.

"Back", "Forward" and "Home" button on Webviewer