Business App - New Market Goods

New Market Goods

New Market Goods is a simple website app with a branding screen and a social media bar that opens a deep link to a user’s installed apps that works across platforms. We recommend URL genius to find deep links for commonly used apps. No set-up is required.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are creating an app like this you should only link to websites that you are the owner of or have permission to include.


This app consists of two screens;

Screen1 is used as the splash screen or the branding screen,
Screen2 contains the Web Viewer and the social media bar.

Create the Splash Screen

Thunkable X give you the option to either upload an image file directly to your app or you can specify the URL of an image that is stored online. The benefit of the second approach is that you will reduce the overall size of you app.

To display an image on your screen you must change the BackgroundPicture property of Screen1.


Next, add a Timer component to your Screen. It will appear as an “Invisible Component”.

Keeping the default settings you can use the following blocks, but bear in mind that you won’t be able to choose Screen2 until you actually create that screen in the next step.

Create a Second Screen

Just beside the Screen1 tab there is a small + icon. Click on this any time you want to add an extra screen to your app.

Adding the Web Viewer

Now that we have our second screen let’s add a Web Viewer to Screen2.

The web viewer allows you to quickly and easily develop an app for your business by simply wrapping your existing website inside an Android or iOS app.

To display the New Market Goods website type the address inside the URL property like so:


Social Media Bar

Finally we’re going to add two links to our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

To do this we place a label and two buttons inside a row that the bottom of the screen.

In our blocks the first button can be used to open Instagram like this:


While the second button can open a Facebook page like this:



Would you like to use this starter app for your group or business? If so please feel free to remix it yourself and don’t forget to let us know how you’ve used it here in the community.


Thanks to @albert for creating this app. You can read his original post, and install this app for yourself, here: