New Market Goods: e-commerce app leveraging a mobile-responsive website

Here’s a simple but beautiful app for my mobile-responsive, e-commerce website called New Market Goods that is now on the Play Store.

As a fashion retailer, I want my most loyal customers to have the app where I can offer them the lowest prices currently available (I created a separate url that automatically applies a discount code). My mobile responsive website was built on Shopify and I added a 3 second branding page and buttons to my main social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) which link to a user’s app if they have it installed (or the website if they do not). The advantage of this deep linking is that a user who has the app installed will not have to login to see my page and will have a smoother experience. Check out my code below!

NewMarketGoods.aia (2.6 MB)


This is simple website to apk . im right ?

Can you help me for my food ordering app, with a model for the delivery system, payment,

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If you have any wireframes, mock-ups etc for your food ordering app please feel free to post in #thunkable-cross