Audio Book App - Feelings


Feelings is a swipe-able audio book powered by a Tab Navigator and a Text to Speech component. No set-up is required so this is an ideal app for beginners.


In New Market Goods we learned how to create an app with 2 screens. For this app however, we will have 8 screens to deal with so we’re going to add a Tab Navigator to help us keep everything organised.

A great feature of Thunkable X is the ability to easily move and reorder screens. Look at how easy it is to create multiple screens and add them to the Tab Navigator:

Now let’s add an Image component to each screen and then we can finish our design with one Text to Speech component.


Looking at the blocks in the TextToSpeech component it’s pretty easy to guess which blocks we need. We can combine the Speak function with a string so that with just two blocks our phone should be able to talk to us…

…another nice feature of Thunkable is that these greyed-out blocks tell use that something’s not right with our code. Let’s see if we can figure out how to get the Speak function to work.

Starting Screen2

The problem with our first attempt is that we need some Event to happen in order to call, or trigger, our function. In lots of cases that event might be a button being clicked, but here we want a new message to be read as soon as the user turns the page.

As soon as our second screen loads we want our audio book to read aloud the words that are on-screen.


Finally, if when we test the app we notice that it doens’t behave quite the way we’d like. This is because if the app is already speaking we need to tell it to stop first, the to read the new chapter.


As always, you are encouraged to remix this app for yourself and let us know in the comments what you came up with.

One hint is to add another languge to your audio book. There are lots of languages to choose from, which one would you include in your app?


Thanks to @albert for making this app and open-sourcing it for the whole Thunkable Community.

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