Building An Informational App

Hello I want to build an informational app for lovers of history.

So everyday I will post an important event that happened that day with some text and pics, every time I post in the app I’m hoping everyone will get a notification on their phone.

I’m also hoping people can go into the app and see previous posts, it will have the look and feel of a Facebook like page.

Would this be hard to create?

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@infozf7e :tada::tada: Welcome To Our Community :tada::tada:
No, it is not hard, very easy. But you are new here may be hard for you. Because first you have to understand what is the use of the components.

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Hey, @infozf7e Welcome to the community :wave: :wave:
I think for a beginner it will be a tough job. But if you have experience of using Firebase and Onesignal APIs then it will be not that hard. I would suggest to see some tutorials on Firebase and Onesignal.