Broken block and more. Do others have the same problems

I really have some strange behavour in my thunkableX.

Problem. 1. my Airtable(also the DB) block often “brakes”. See Dropbox - File Deleted And then I have the feeling of other blocks dont work either and if I delete the block and make a nother one absolute the same it is working fine. What can I do wrong or is there a solution for this?

Problem 2.: I can not scroll down the left menu. See video Dropbox - File Deleted

Does anyone else have the same problem as the above???

Problem 3: In this function I search in brutto_liste for the stored name. In this case Lene.
There is not a consistens in the result. The 6 time and the 9 times I opdate it only read Ole ones. Even if it read Lene in the top label that is the right one. It should be impossible to get the Ole name.

Picture of the airtable I use -

Picture of the blocks -
Video of what happends on the Phone. - Dropbox - File Deleted

  1. Green blocks attached to purple blocks are predefined blocks of local variables. If you do not need problems, then it’s better not to touch or move these blocks at all. Make a copy of these blocks and move them.

  2. Which browser are you using? I use the Yandex browser, which works for me the fastest with ThunkableX. Try my project. Delay 1 sec in Yandex browser -

  3. Instead of the variable “app” use the variable from the function parameter and tell me, is the problem gone?

Okay thanks alot. Very nice to know. :star_struck:
Can you help me with the other isues also please …:thinking:

i use chrome browser. You think I should use the other you mensioned?
Can you explain or show me the blocks you mean in you last answer regarding the Variable App?

Add a function block to the screen, create a parameter for this block. Use this parameter as a variable. Do you understand this explanation?

So sorry but no. :woozy_face:

ohh yes now i follow you i think. Should that be more cosistent in the result?
I just havent used that so much. But that shuld be better
Is there i better way to make the index. With the repeat until methode or other???

The community has noticed that global variables are unstable in some cases. Therefore, I use function variables. But you must understand that global variables and function variables work differently. If you understand the difference between passing parameters by value and by reference, then you can safely use function variables. But Mark warns that the behavior of function variables may change in the future.

Can global variable be the reason to the index counting in the if block not seem to be working right???

I don’t know if this could be the reason, but my personal opinion is to use only function variables everywhere, and use global variables only when you need to get data on different screens. Simply put - I try not to use global variables.

How will you make this function"get_Point" then.
I can not get the “spiller_nr” to count right:disappointed_relieved:
Hope you can clearyfi this isue for me.:rage:

Here is what happend in the app. It is counting crazy Dropbox - File Deleted

You are using the GetColumn call in a loop. I would have done differently - at first I got all the records from AirTable, and then I started working with the list locally - I created a loop on this list, filtered the necessary values ​​into the list and then calculated their sum.

You also use the “wait” block. In the vast majority of cases, the use of this block indicates a problem in the algorithm.

so you mean get all rows? If yes we have been looking at that. But can not find any help with
the get object and Jason that I have to use. Isn’t that right

When you download all the records from AirTable, you get a list of objects. If you get a list of objects, then you can get their properties. You only need to work with it correctly.

scrAirTable in

Hi Actec.
I tryed yester day making more functions with variables. But the result of that is that Thunkable get incerdible slow. But that seems to be a common problem in the program,

Slow work has different sources. If you are talking about the slow operation of the block editor, then this is one reason. If the slow operation of the application on the device is another reason.