Breaking changes with IAP block updates

where you get property x of object List Item #1

you now can get property x of object get object from JSON stored variable subscription…

I’m a little lost. So, does this mean that this section of blocks is no longer needed?

I’ve never had a list for purchases, just the item list.

@jared I think you edited your original post, but it looks like a reply to me. So, in my screenshot, I just simply move the get object from JSON block out of the in list block and directly under the get property x of object block?

Just want to make sure I have that correct. I’ve been working hard on the next version of my app, but all of these changes are hard to keep up with. I’m hesitant to publish because I don’t want to break anything…


Yes! That’s right!!! @ronnie

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Thanks, @jared! I’ll make that change and give it a go in testing!

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Can confirm, at least on Android, that my test subscriptions are working. I haven’t tested iOS yet, but I will soon!


I can also confirm that my test purchases on iOS worked like a charm too! I just had to remember what to uncomment in my verification script for the sandbox to complete the transaction. Everything works with this update on my end!